Tracy Ferguson

Hey there I'm Tracy Ferguson....Troy Ferguson's (CEO and founder of New Beginnings Health & Fitness) wife and mother to our 4 children. I have been a stay home mother for over 6 years now and I know how hard it is to focus on personal fitness. The years go by so quickly and I know for myself fitness hasn't always been a priority.  Before you know it you are focused on everybody else’s needs and your own priorities and goals have been pushed to the side. I have never been as committed to fitness as Troy and to be honest getting into the gym is a huge chore for me, something you probably won't see most gym owners admit!

So what do I offer? Understanding and compassion.... from the perspective of someone who knows firsthand how hard it is to balance kids, work, and all that life can throw at you. Please come on down and say hello, we have all levels of fitness here, from the fitness junkies like Troy to those people like me trying to get a bit fitter and healthier.

I look forward to meeting you. Maybe we can travel down the fitness road together, learning that healthy, happy people help make healthy happy homes.